Peace  Circles
are an intentionally designed and flexible process to connect, communicate and create change

At the core of our work is THE WISDOM OF Circles

Peace Circles create space for all kinds of communication, including the most difficult.

Simple, ancient, new and profound



a model of leadership

Success is built on collaboration. Circles invite contribution in an atmosphere of nonjudgment, creativity, innovation, and equity. Step into possibility. Receive the strengths and gifts of one another.

drawing upon ancient wisdom

Our ancestors have gathered in circles for thousands of years. Indigenous peoples have kept the teachings alive through generations. We are deeply interconnected and relational.

and using modern science

Scientific advances in neuroscience and physics enhance our understanding of trauma, group dynamics and our interconnectedness.

in a holistic way

Be radically present – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Listen deeply and express who you truly are; know what is really going on and determine collectively a path forward.

for a range of purposes

Such as learning, decision-making, strategic planning, conflict resolution, relationship building, healing, reconciliation, sentencing, reintegration, celebration.

in many contexts

Implemented in workplaces, justice systems, schools, communities, and families. It just takes two or more people who are interested and willing.

to bring about sustainable change

Circles are successfully employed for all kinds of situations and conflict, from gossip to murder.

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