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Conflict is an Opportunity!

Conflict generates energy: it is up to you if it will be destructive or constructive.

Use conflict as a resource for:

  • Building relationships, teams and community
  • Innovation
  • Constructive change
  • Healing and resolution

A Facilitated Circle is Useful When Two or More People

  • Need to make decisions
  • Require problem solving
  • Are interested in learning from each other
  • Seek to work together productively
  • Have a disagreement or are in conflict
  • Are addressing an experience that resulted in harm, including criminal behaviour

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What Clients are Saying

Evelyn, I found you to be an exceptional facilitator. You came into a complex, charged situation and worked with a large, outspoken group with immense positive effect. Thank you.

I loved your process and the energy you bring to it. I learned so much… you were the leading force for our success.

Thank you so much Evelyn, your skill and commitment to gently but firmly surfacing our strengths and challenges as a team is powerful.

I want to tell you how much I appreciated your “quiet leadership”… Your flexibility and responsiveness to the situation, the people and the environment are inspiring. You are a great facilitator. You make hard learning easier and easy learning deeper. Thank you.

Thank you so much Evelyn for such an amazing, fruitful day! Through your skill and creative facilitation you were able to help us develop clear goals for moving our organization forward. It was a powerful co-creative visioning and re-focusing exercise that will serve our program for many years to come.

Poetically facilitated, thank you.