They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So imagine what a documentary is worth?!

Documentaries are a great resource for learning and educating. Prison Fellowship International has an excellent Restorative Justice Online library which includes a summary of videos.

I dedicate this blog to Heartspeak Productions who have produced a series of educational videos. You can listen to experts like Howard Zehr, learn about topics like trauma, watch a forum that took place, and be moved by personal stories.

This summer Heartspeak, in conjunction with Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives, released their latest work: “Restorative Justice Is The LAW”. This 48 minute film explores the common ground between restorative justice, human rights and the law.

Heartspeak Productions began on top of a mountain at the end of a 14 day Peace Training in 2001. Larry Moore and Cathie Douglas decided to collaborate and started right then and there with participants of that training; interviews with renowned experts like Barry Stuart, Dave Gustafson and Liz Elliott were included in their first documentary “A Healing River”.

Cathie and Larry have spent the last decade learning, volunteering, doing research, and documenting the principles and practices of restorative justice. Their videos are a huge contribution, as well as a reflection of their own journey.

Even when Heartspeak hasn’t received funding, they forged ahead using their own resources and turning to YouTude to make their work widely and freely available.

Check out their YouTube and VIMEO channels where they have generously uploaded many videos.

Thanks Larry and Cathie for your contributions!