We are here to connect with you and offer highlights from our year, as well as invite possibilities to create moving forward.

Now is the time for change and we’re grateful you are with us on this journey.

A big thank you to all the leaders, organizations and community members we have collaborated with in Canada and around the globe!

Workshops and Trainings

We have offerings about communication, peace circles, restorative justice, medicine wheel teachings, decolonizing and reconciliation.

Join us in celebrating our partners and hosts during 2021!

Carcross/Tagish First Nation

We are honoured Dr. Evelyn Zellerer was chosen to facilitate an immensely powerful four-month learning journey of peacemaking circles with Carcross/Tagish First Nation. Inspired by the amazing participants and this self-governing, visionary Indigenous Nation. Thanking the Peacemaking Task Group for our collaborative work. Congratulations to all the graduates!


Correctional Service of Canada

We are pleased to offer a workshop series, “Medicine Wheel and Peace Circles”, for staff to create more culturally competent and respectful workplaces. Co-facilitated by Elder Phil Mechuskosis L’Hirondelle and Dr Evelyn Zellerer. Acknowledging the openness of participants to engage, learn and co-create. A special thank you to organizer Nigel Argent.


Youth Restorative Justice Program

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Okanagan and their partner Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society completed the 3rd level peace circles training with us. We applaud this extraordinary team of frontline workers. Despite all the challenges, they have shown up for youth and families in Kelowna throughout the pandemic, keeping people housed, out of the justice system, and connected. Thanking our hosts Meghan Ramsay and Aravis Walters.


“Men, Family & Community Learning Series”

Domestic Violence Prevention Program and Kiwassa Neighbourhood House invited us to facilitate a workshop on “Having Difficult Conversations”. We are uplifted by feedback that “participants walked away from the session more equipped to do their frontline work“. Appreciating the diverse group of social workers, settlement workers, violence prevention and intervention workers, and others from BC and Manitoba for all they do and being so open to participatory learning.


Admiral Seymour Elementary School & Strathcona Community Safety Association

Congratulations on launching a new initiative to become a relational, restorative school and community. We are delighted to facilitate a series of workshops that focused on building relations, asset mapping, learning and visioning. Two words from our closing circle: gifts and gratitude. Our journey will continue in 2022, stay tuned!




We’re thrilled to be invited to work with Brazilian colleagues. Dr Evelyn Zellerer facilitated a webinar as part of an advanced course for over 100 judges, lawyers, teachers, psychologists, mediators and more. Special thanks to organizer Judge Leoberto Brancher, translator Fátima De Bastiani and AJURIS. Applauding the implementing of restorative practices and peacemaking circles in Brazil, including in courts.

Read our blog about our trip to Brazil training judges.


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Disagreements, conflicts, difficult conversations… We all require constructive spaces to find a path forward.

Here is a flavour of the diversity of contexts we provided facilitation in 2021:

  • Neighbours living in co-operative housing
  • Workplaces involving leadership, staff and clients
  • Therapist/Client and other relations involving trust and power
  • Couples and Families

What might an independent facilitator offer you?



Building Teams & Culture

You do not need to be experiencing conflict to work with us! We are also creating healthy, productive communication, relationships and teams.

  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada – a team with DFO does challenging work throughout the province; it was time for them to come together for themselves. Dr Evelyn Zellerer facilitated staff in relationship and team building, with a focus on identifying guiding shared values. We had the pleasure of working with graphic recorder Michelle Buchho, Cassyex Consulting. It was rewarding to accomplish a lot in one day and achieve beautiful results!
  • NGOs – we work with various organizations. For example, staff who were experiencing a challenging year met to uncover their accomplishments and successes, while building healthy relations for moving forward. Participants shared how powerful it is to come together:
    “Leaving this meeting feeling hopeful, relieved and grateful.”
We are delighted to bring out the best in people and to create greater possibilities.



Dr. Evelyn Zellerer

We also offer private sessions!

Tailored sessions can be about your pre-chosen topic and/or an opportunity to ask questions. It is a deep dive to wherever you’re interested in going, and includes offering insights and working with energies. It will be up to you how far down any rabbit hole you dare to go!

    • Thanking the team at Restorative Justice Salt Spring Island for going on our 5 session online coaching journey. What a gift to be in Circle with dedicated, fabulous practitioners and volunteers. A heartfelt thank you to our host and program coordinator Darlene Gage.
    • Applauding the practitioners with the Southern Gulf Islands Community Justice Program. Our 3-hour virtual coaching session was a space for deep conversation with great questions, wisdom and pragmatic tools. As one participant said: “it filled me up”. Special thanks to coordinator Jim Peacock. If you’re on Pender Island, join their community dialogues!
    • Facilitators Marina Cantacuzino and Sandra Barefoot with The Forgiveness Project, UK, were launching a course and had some questions. What a delight to spend a powerful 2 hours in a coaching session with these talented change makers!


Speaking & Media

Juno-nominated pop rock band, Girl Pow-R, interviewed and chose Dr. Evelyn Zellerer as the subject matter expert for World Peace Starts with You and the launch of #iMatter. They are creating a program to empower youth through workshops, discussion and music.

“Never underestimate the power and impact of even just one person.”
~ Dr. Evelyn Zellerer

For more media appearances, visit our media page and contact us to book a speaking engagement.



A New World of Possibilities…

Restorative Collective Vancouver

Hot off the press – our Restorative Collective has come to a consensus to move toward Vancouver becoming a Restorative City! There is motion by Councillor Michael Wiebe being brought to City Council for discussion and vote.

We’re bringing together diverse voices and wisdom with representatives from Indigenous-led organizations, various service providers including for survivors/victims, youth and seniors, LGBTQ2S+, City Council, Vancouver Police Department, Downtown Community Court, Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation, BIA safety committee and more!

This Restorative Collective, we affectionately call the ‘Dream Team’, has been meeting to learn, vision and create a relational, holistic, decolonizing approach to conflict, harm, healing, justice and peace.

Grateful for all participants who are engaging so authentically with the complexities of our mission.

Connect with us on social media and we have a dedicated webpage.

Funding from grants through Civil Forfeiture Funds from the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General BC – thank you!


Unexpected Gift of Virtual Circles

Our virtual work expanded and deepened. Grateful for the depths we explore virtually together. As one participant noted:  “I’ve been in a lot of zoom meetings. This is something different.”

Another participant points out that in virtual Peace Circles:  “It’s a magical thing that happens. It invites people to be together in deeper ways than we normally experience.”


Celebrating the life and legacy of leaders who came before us, and continue to inspire us.




Children are awakening the world

Acknowledging the pain as well as resilience as children are found and being returned home.

There is no reconciliation without truth.
The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation continues to update a memorial and offer resources.
Every Child Matters

Survivors’ Flag in honour of the lives and communities impacted by residential schools


Moving Forward…

“… we step out of the shade,
aflame and unafraid
The new dawn blooms as we free it.
For there is always light,
if only we’re brave enough to see it
If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

Amanda Gorman, The Hill We Climb


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