Celebrating a few highlights of 2019 and acknowledging our wonderful hosts and partners.

Thank you for your continuing interest and participation in our expanding global work.

The world needs us. Together we create change.


What a gift to go to Nepal twice this year to train dialogue facilitators working in communities across the country.
Thank you Asia Foundation and Sambad Samuha for hosting us. A special thank you to Sumina Karki, Preeti Thapa, and Sujan Rai for all your work and beautiful hearts.


We flew to Tikapur in west Nepal regarding the complexities of a protest that resulted in 8 police and 1 child killed. We appreciated meeting with the indigenous Tharu community, elected officials, police, and volunteers of dialogue forums Sambad Samuha.

This was followed by Dr Evelyn Zellerer training 5 days in Kathmandu. We completed Peace Circles: The Fundamentals, as well as Access Bars, a technique to relax, heal, and change. We recognize there is not enough support for those working on the front lines. Who helps those who are helping others?

What a treat to see some of the special nature and animals of Nepal. Thank you Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation for funding tiger conservation in Bardia National Park. We’re huge wildlife lovers!


We returned to Kathmandu for two weeks in November. Dr Evelyn Zellerer trained a new group of facilitators in Peace Circles: The Fundamentals. And it was such a joy to be reunited with the facilitators from January for an advanced four day Deeper Dive training.

Fantastic translation services by Bibhushan Timsina and his team at Language and Media Support Services.

We are inspired and thank all the amazing dialogue facilitators of Sambad Samuha who are resolving complex issues in their communities.

Indigenous Justice

Kwadacha Nation is a small, remote indigenous community in the Rocky Mountain Trench of northern B.C. Kwadacha means “white water” in Tsek’ene.

Dr. Evelyn Zellerer has been working with the Nation’s justice committee. She had the privilege of facilitating dialogue with Chief and Council out on their traditional territory. We took a floatplane to join the healing and justice camp, Khutsedzi K’ E’ Program, on the shores of gorgeous Spinel Lake.

It was an honour to facilitate dialogue with the leadership as well as with youth of Kwadacha Nation. Evelyn stayed for an additional 2 weeks, learning alongside participants of the camp. It was profound and life changing.

We thank everyone, especially Khutsedzi K’ E’ Program Coordinator, Christopher Tyler, the program founder and counsellor Robert Derkson, Elders, Chief & Council for being so generous in your welcoming and teachings.

Restorative Justice

We are delighted to offer training with restorative justice programs. This year included and we thank:

Another fantastic year celebrating International Restorative Justice Week, the third week of every November. We attended the Canadian National Restorative Justice Symposium in Banff, Canada, hosted by the Alberta Restorative Justice Association.

Stay tuned – next year’s Canadian symposium will be in B.C.

Read our previous post Restorative Justice Week & Beyond and visit our website page for more.


We are grateful to be working with 3 fantastic school districts:

  • Kwadacha Nation
  • Sea to Sky School District
  • Sunshine Coast School District

Dr Evelyn Zellerer is providing training with administrators, counsellors, teachers, Indigenous leaders and more.

Thanking educators who are making such a difference in the lives of so many.

Stay tuned for our edition dedicated to schools.

Peace Circles Training

While the vast majority of our work is through being hosted and private contracts, each year we also offer publicly available courses.

This year, in October we offered Peace Circles: The Fundamentals and our Deeper Dive.

We thank all participants for choosing these immersions and for implementing change in families, schools, workplaces, justice systems, governments, and communities.

Note that our Fundamentals course filled up quickly. Keep an eye out for invitations via email and on social media to training soon to be scheduled in 2020, including an announcement for facilitators/keepers. Make sure you are subscribed to get invites!

Go here for further details about training. We welcome requests.


Dr. Evelyn Zellerer enjoys presenting to a variety of audiences. This year included:

Education Summit: “Failing Forward”

We were delighted to attend an Education Summit, with our presentation on Communication, organized by the Integrated Protection Services (IPS) in partnership with International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS

BC Community Response Networks

Congratulating BC Community Response Networks for their provincial conference. Dr. Evelyn Zellerer had the pleasure of facilitating workshops on “Communicating with Greater Ease”.  We appreciate the work CRNs are doing to address adult abuse and neglect.

ADR British Columbia Symposium

Gratitude to the organizers for inviting us and our wonderful colleagues Aaron Lyons and Gillian Lindquist to offer a panel about restorative justice at their symposium.

In this video, Dr. Evelyn Zellerer was interviewed by Carolina Barrocas, ADR Institute of BC, as a presenter and facilitator for the closing conference circle.


“I know the news is filled with violence and negativity. We are in some very volatile times. At the same time, there are people all over the world working for peace, wanting to bring us together, to move through the conflicts and through the harm and violence in a way that builds community instead of tearing it down. That brings us together instead of separates us.

It’s given me the optimism for humanity that there is a tremendous possibility for us to create a reality beyond this one now. There is so much untapped potential and wonderful aspects of humanity that we tend not to hear enough about. We are coming together, we are finding each other, and we are creating it.” – Dr. Evelyn Zellerer


The media is a powerful tool and influence. Dr. Evelyn Zellerer enjoyed being a guest on:

Dr. Evelyn Zellerer, along with our colleague Brenda St. Louis, were guest experts on the “Money Matters” show with Jim Doyle.

Check out the new “Money Matters” series with Jim Doyle, a Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Manager. Dr. Evelyn Zellerer was a guest in the season’s final episode “Financial Literacy – A Lifelong Journey“.

Listen to the replay of a fabulous discussion with host Venus Marie Castleberg. The theme “What else is possible?” led to fascinating insights and pragmatic tools.

Contact us for interviews and booking media appearances.


Learning Spotlight

A colourful circle that says "Transforming Power" in the centre. The next concentric circle says: "Respect for Self. Caring for Others" and the last circle says: "Expect the Best. Think before Reacting. Ask for Non-Violent Solution"Alternatives to Violence Project

As lifelong learners, we at Peace of the Circle continue to also take courses.

We offer a shout out and recommend the international Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP).  Dr. Evelyn Zellerer was delighted to be a participant in a three day workshop with the AVP Fraser-Valley/Vancouver branch, and is now a volunteer.

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