Wow 2020 was a year of surprises, challenges, reckonings and opportunities.

At Peace of the Circle, we had a very active year! Offering you highlights as well as inspiration and resources. And acknowledging our wonderful hosts and partners.

Grateful to connect with you and optimistic about the possibilities that lay ahead for us to co-create. The world requires us peacemakers and change agents more than ever!


We are in an era of decolonization and anti-racism.

We’re thrilled to offer reconciliation workshops in partnership with Elder Phil L’Hirondelle, All My Relations Teachings. Contact us if interested!

We have a lot more to do toward truth, reconciliation and honouring the inherent rights of Indigenous peoples. Join us in responding to the 94 Calls to Action; learn more at the Canadian National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation. Move forward using the most comprehensive international instrument – the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

Let’s uplift each other as we respect the dignity and human rights of all.
What’s your home area doing to create respectful, harmonious relations?

Immigrant Services Society

Co-facilitators Phil L’Hirondelle and Evelyn Zellerer provided workshops with incredibly diverse groups of settlement staff with Immigrant Services Society (ISS of BC). We engaged with each other about deep topics and are inspired by experiences from cultures around the world. A special acknowledgment of our wonderful colleague and host Dr. Raj Khadka.

Restorative Justice

We are delighted to continue developing, training and mentoring restorative justice programs.

Welcoming two more amazing groups into our Circle family:

Their RJ program is expanding to implement peace circles with youth and families. Congratulations to a powerful new team for completing the first two levels of training thus far – The Fundamentals and Deeper Dive with Dr. Evelyn Zellerer. A heartfelt thank you to program coordinator Meghan Ramsay, and their new partner Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society.

When we had a brief reprieve from covid restrictions, a fabulous community group was able to complete The Fundamentals training with Dr Evelyn Zellerer. Thank you Jim Peacock and the steering committee for hosting us on beautiful Pender Island. Inspired by what you are already implementing on the islands! Looking forward to our continued learning.

Building Partnerships for Restorative Justice in Vancouver

Peace of the Circle, in collaboration with Just Outcomes, are advancing restorative justice in Vancouver! We’re currently reaching out to a wide range of stakeholders to form a task group. Stay tuned about this exiting initiative, funded through a grant from Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General BC.

RJ World 2020

Peace of the Circle was a proud co-sponsor of RJWorld 2020 eConference, a fabulous global showcase of diverse presenters and topics.

Image of Restorative Justice Week 2020 Logo - Text says: "Inspiring Innovation - Restorative Justice Week 2020 - November 15-22" - Logo has purple and yellow swirls.

International Restorative Justice Week

We celebrate International Restorative Justice Week each third week of November. Read our posts: Restorative Justice Week & Beyond and International Restorative Justice Week 2020.

This year we participated online in a fantastic Canadian National Restorative Justice Symposium. Stay tuned – this year’s symposium is to be in Vancouver, BC, or else we go virtual again!


Grateful to continue working with The Asia Foundation and to have such a fabulous team in Kathmandu!

Although we have not yet been able to return to Nepal, we appreciate being able to facilitate virtual workshops with dialogue facilitators from across the country.

Dr Evelyn Zellerer is also working with colleague Ram Tiwari on a sustainability project for community-based peacebuilding.


Frontline workers include educators, who are also being greatly challenged during the pandemic. Thanking educators who are making a difference in the lives of so many, and acknowledging parents and caregivers who are homeschooling.

Earlier in the year, we had the opportunity to further connect with the amazing Sea to Sky School District team for follow-up training.

Education, like other institutions, require change moving forward. Read our post with tons of resources – Education: Time for Change.


In addition to training, we offer facilitation services for a wide range of groups, issues and conflicts. We work with families, communities, workplaces, justice systems and government.

Conflict generates energy and is an opportunity to learn, heal, and transform. Contact us for a free consult.

NGOs & Community

This year we facilitated staff changes and issues for two nonprofits. Change is inevitable, and often uncomfortable. Being seen and heard is powerful, as is collectively determining what is required. Thanking all staff who pour your hearts into your work.

We are pleased to support people and organizations through challenging times and transitions.

Virtual Circles

Image of a rock in the sand. There are concentric circles 'radiating' out from the rock. Text says: "Discover the power of Virtual Circles"

We’re taking our processes online and seeing extraordinary results!

We’re facilitating all kinds of virtual circles, including for conflict resolution, in workplaces, and to connect with those who take training with us.

The vast majority of our work is through private contracts and hosting. Contact us if you are interested in hosting, facilitation or training.

Stay tuned for more invitations to virtual circles & courses!


Image of a pink lotus flower floating in the water with green lily pads in the background. Text says: "Online Support Circles - In Response to Social Distancing" A great resource, Online Support Circles, is available with gratitude from our colleague and friend Kay Pranis, Living Justice Press.

Resources & Inspiration

May you be educated, inspired and uplifted:


Indigenous Teachings & Leadership
Get educated, do your part to decolonize, and support Indigenous leaders and groups. For example:


Black Lives Matter 

Get educated, learn about the movement and do your part to eliminate racism of all forms, including within ourselves. There are tons of resources, like:



There are so many great ones! What do you recommend?
Offering a couple:



Be open, get informed and trust your own awareness.
Include positive, uplifting news. In spite of the pandemic, there are lots of things to celebrate every day! For example:


Art and Artists

Support and be transformed by art.
There are limitless ways artists are contributing!

    • Check out this directory from the International Centre of Art for Social Change
    • “Art in times of coronavirus – 100 inspiring quotes on World Art Day 2020″



The world also needs music. What do you listen to?



Laughter is medicine!


An inspiring short video from New Zealand – a message from the future, beckoning to us to create:

“The systems that shape our lives are ours to create and ours to change.”
Together we can create anything.

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Together we are creating a more just, peaceful, kinder world for all.



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