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Central Coast Voices: How Peace Circles Can Create Change | Oct 18, 2018
Join host Fred Munroe as he speaks with Dr. Evelyn Zellerer along with Doreen Liberto, Board Member with Ecologistics as they discuss the Foundation and Invitation of Circles and how the Circle process draws upon ancient and contemporary wisdom in a way that opens up different and greater possibilities to create change.

Central Coast Voices: How Peace Circles Can Create Change

Bill Good Radio Show CKNW 980 | March 12, 2012
Bill has Evelyn back for a more indepth discussion on Restorative Justice, its benefits, and how it can help Vancouver heal after the riots


Shaw TV
Studio 4 | Oct 11, 2011
Dr. Evelyn Zellerer on Studio 4 with Host Fanny Kiefer Part 1 of 2
Dr. Evelyn Zellerer on Studio 4 with Host Fanny Kiefer Part 2 of 2

People First Radio
| Sept 29, 2011
Preserving Restorative Justice: Advocates fear the federal government’s strong emphasis on incarceration and punishment will push healing to the side.

With Evelyn Zellerer, restorative justice practitioner, Manjit Virk, restorative justice advocate whose 14 year old daughter Reena was murdered and Anne Marie Hagan, restorative justice advocate whose father was killed in front of her.


Radio Show CKNW 980
| June 30, 2011
Explore restorative justice after the Vancouver riot with Evelyn Zellerer and other expert panelists.


Video, Webcasts and Telecalls

Alternative Dispute Resolution British Columbia interview | July 2018


Restorative Justice on the Rise, Peace Alliance
One hour program with guest Dr Evelyn Zellerer
March 21, 2013

Restorative Justice on the Rise

Print and On-line Newspapers

Georgia Straight | Feb 20, 2012
Restorative justice would accomplish much more than tough riot sentences

Postmedia News – Evelyn was interviewed by national reporter Douglas Quan for his article on Harper’s omnibus crime bill legislation. Versions of the article were picked up across the nation, including for example the following:

Ottawa Citizen| Sept 24, 2011
Mandatory minimum terms push restorative justice aside
Edmonton Journal| Sept 24, 2011
Tories put restorative justice on back burner
The Province| Sept 23, 2011
Are ‘tough-on-crime’ Tories shutting door to restorative justice?

Georgia Straight | June 24, 2011
Restorative justice would help Vancouver heal after riot

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