Gathering in circles has been a part of human experience throughout the ages. Our ancestors gathered around the fire to share and survive. In the midst of our technologically advanced yet fractured world, Peace of the Circle is emerging as something ancient and new, simple and profound.

Circles are a structured yet flexible methodology for communication. Circles are used for many purposes, such as celebration, learning, strategic planning, team building, healing, conflict resolution, sentencing and reintegration. A Circle process can be done with two or more people.

We will be publishing a series of articles to show how Peace of the Circle works and how it is being applied in different contexts:

  • schools
  • workplaces
  • communities
  • families
  • justice systems

Peace of the Circle is part of the paradigm shift occurring on our planet, as described in a recent publication on restorative justice and peacemaking circles. Our mission is to move us from disconnection to connection, from war to peace.

Both ancient teachings and modern science illuminate our path. They affirm that we are interconnected and interdependent. There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’, no enemy. It’s just us.

As the African concept of Ubuntu so beautifully encapsulates, ‘I am because you are’. Archbishop Desmond Tutu explains, “My humanity is inextricably bound up in yours.”

Quantum physics scientifically shows this interconnectivity. There is no objective reality. We are literally creating with one other in each moment.

Peace of the Circle around the worldSo what would we like to create?

Peace of the Circle is an invitation to a different conscious reality. It is finding expression across cultures, countries, settings and situations.

If you have questions or requests, feel free to contact us! We are happy to explore ways that Circles can contribute to you.