Peacemaking circles are a structured yet flexible approach to communication, suitable for a wide range of purposes and settings. Grateful for the amazing people and places this work brings us.

Sharing and celebrating highlights of 2014:


Continuing to work with schools; facilitating peacemaking circles workshops and trainings. Particularly inspired by Madeira Park Elementary, with principal Barry Krangle and staff implementing Circles throughout their school. Thank you for your hearts and leadership!

Recommended: new guidebook “Circle Forward: Building a Restorative School Community” by Carolyn Boyes-Watson & Kay Pranis, Living Justice Press.


I was contracted to resolve issues between correctional officers. This is something we don’t discuss as a society – the impact of prisons on those who work there and violence among officers.
Acknowledging the courage and commitment of the parties who came together in peacemaking circles.

Collaborative Divorce & Relationships

Coaching and facilitating peacemaking circles for transforming relationship conflicts among couples and families. Doing so in person and virtually across distances.

Co-facilitated a workshop on peacemaking circles with former Chief Judge Barry Stuart discussing Collaborative Divorce as part of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals conference.


Working with a diversity of communities and non-profit organizations. For example, was flown to Tsay Keh Dene in northern British Columbia. It was an honour to spend four days in Circle with residents of this small First Nations community.

Northern Ireland, Britain and Greece!

IMG_5081Remarkable to be among 25 invited experts from around the world at the International Symposium Restorative Justice, Race and Power on Skopelos Island, Greece. Groundbreaking, challenging and inspiring dialogues.

Facilitated a workshop on peacemaking circles at the European Forum for Restorative Justice gathering in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Learned about the extraordinary peacemaking work in this beautiful country.

Facilitated 4 Peacemaking Circles trainings in England!

One was for a wonderful organization Khulisa. Having originated in South Africa, this UK-based charity delivers programmes to offenders and those at-risk of crime, violence and victimization.

An invited presenter at the International Conference – A Victim-led Criminal Justice System?, hosted by IARS in London, England. Representatives from over 20 countries participated in a timely dialogue, particularly about the new EU Victims’ Directive.

A keynote speaker at the one-year anniversary of the Neighbourhood Resolution scheme in Darlington, UK. This community-based initiative with coordinator Andrew Hancock and many generous volunteers, represents the heart of restorative justice. Touched by their reception to Peace of the Circle trainings.

Our Publications

Realizing the Potential of Restorative Justice” by Evelyn Zellerer, in “Reconstructing Restorative Justice Philosophy” Eds. Theo Gavrielides and Vasso Artinopoulou, Ashgate.

Invited author for the RJ Week Resource Kit 2014.

Invitation to More Peace

We are ready for change. Acknowledging the unrest and challenges we face in the world. I invite you to pause, connect with 3 deep breaths and ask: Who can I be to create more peace today?

We are expanding and with heartfelt gratitude, thank you for your referrals to Peace of the Circle.

It is an honour to be in Circle with you.