The Provincial Restorative Justice Symposium was held in June, hosted by Restorative Justice Association of BC. Dr. Evelyn Zellerer is proud to be a Board member.

Evelyn with Norm Leech and Michael Wiebe gave a presentation about the Restorative Collective journey and Framework thus far. They were met with much encouragement, awe and great questions!

The symposium was a great success, with informative panels, presentations and workshops. We shared some highlights about Minister Farnworth, the power and possibilities of surrogacy in restorative justice, and Indigenous Justice in our social media posts.

Hon. Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, mentioned Peace of the Circle and Vancouver becoming a Restorative City in his speech! It was wonderful to be acknowledged as a highlighted example of community safety initiatives. Evelyn briefly spoke with Minister Farnworth and we look forward to further connecting.

Funding is the single greatest challenge for restorative justice. We are grateful to hear the announcement of $3 million for restorative justice in B.C.