We’re excited to announce this publication is now available! Click on the title below to download it as a PDF:

“A Journey Around Restorative Cities in the World: a travel guide”, European Forum For Restorative Justice (2023)

Vancouver is one of 10 featured cities, co-written by Dr. Evelyn Zellerer and Norm Leech.

The publication was officially launched on January 12, 2024, with short presentations by most authors including Dr. Evelyn Zellerer, followed by questions and answers. The video recording of the launch is also available.

The publication provides four sections:

  • introduction to the travel guide and restorative cities
  • highlights of main findings
  • chapters offering details of each of the 10 restorative cities
  • next steps

Working Group on Restorative Cities, EFRJ

Dr. Evelyn Zellerer is happy to become a member of the Working Group on Restorative Cities, EFRJ. Since its creation, this working group has travelled virtually and at times in person around its member cities to share and advance knowledge and practices on creating restorative cities. Visit their website for more information and resources.