Peace Circles
Restorative Justice

Custom courses for your distinctive needs

The vast majority of our work is tailored to meet your distinctive needs and context. For:

  • Workplaces
  • Indigenous Nations
  • Governments
  • Police
  • Court
  • Corrections
  • Schools
  • Organizations
  • Communities
  • Restorative Justice Programs

Offered typically on-site, options for online. 
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Peace Circles Core Curriculum

Peace Circles: The Fundamentals

An opportunity to learn, explore and experience the fundamentals of Peace Circles, including:

  • The Foundation and Invitation of Circles
  • Circle Process
  • Circle Structure and Flexibility
  • Practical Applications & Tools

Circles are a structured yet flexible approach for communication and creating change. Circles are used in a variety of settings such as workplaces, the justice system, schools and communities.

They can serve many purposes, including learning, governance, conflict resolution, healing, as well as community and team building.

All Welcome! No Pre-requisites

Peace Circles: Deeper Dive

Pre-requisite: Peace Circles: The Fundamentals

An invitation to the next level of Peace Circles training! Designed for those who have taken our Fundamentals training and would like to go further and deeper into the methodology. Topics include:

  • Review & Deeper Dive into Circle Process
  • Stages: Suitability – Preparation – Gathering – Follow Up
  • Consensus
  • Role & Skills of Facilitators/Keepers
  • Practical Applications & Tools

Participants will gain awareness and practical tools for their professional and personal lives.

Ideal for those who have some experience participating in or faciliating/keeping Circles.

Facilitators - Keepers Trainings

Pre-requisites: The Fundamentals and Deeper Dive Trainings

For those who are or ready to become facilitators and have experienced participating in or facilitating peace circles.

Topics include:

  • Circle Design and Process
  • Facilitator Awareness, Skills and Tools
  • Agreements and Outcomes
  • Challenges and Resolutions
  • Creating Change

We offer immersion trainings as well as training over an extended time.

Advanced Facilitators

Pre-requisites: The Fundamentals, Deeper Dive, and Facilitators Trainings

For those who are facilitators, have facilitated peace circles, and are ready to expand their knowledge, skills and practice.

Peace Circles: Train the Trainers

Pre-requisites: Fundamentals, Deeper Dive, Faciliator & Advanced Trainings, plus an application.

For those who have taken our core curriculum and are interested in becoming trainers with us.

Available anywhere in the world.

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host an Event

Interested in the possibility of hosting a Peace of the Circle workshop or training?

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What Participants are Saying

I feel honored to have been a part of this process… Probably the best course I’ve been on in my 20 years as a police officer.

Awesome! It really was. I was challenged at so many levels and learnt so much. You gave some fantastic facilitation. You honoured us with your knowledge and practice.

I must thank you for inspiring me in this course. The principles and objectives make so much sense, and the logic so clear that it feels that almost anything is possible.

Thanks for all your help and wisdom. With the tools you gave us to work with, I think now our relationships at work will improve dramatically.

My expectations were high and were exceeded. I am taking away so much to work with and build into my practice, and am excited about continuing to share our learning amongst our group.

If all staff… were able to take this course we would work in a perfect world.